For Gabriel Leverance
wherever you are.

A Healing Heart

You once told me I could never walk away.
You said it like a challenge, maybe expected me to accept.
I tell you now, you were right.
Walking away, turning my back, closing a door forever
just isn't in my nature.

You once asked me for my heart.
I left a goodly piece with you.
I thought I would get it back, get something in return.
Then I thought I could ask for it back.
Then I thought I could steal it back.
But the pieces of my heart I give away
never return.
So it's still with you, and it's to my heart I now speak.

He asked me to never forget him.
Please tell him I never will.
He asked me to remember he's always
thinking of me,
missing me,
Loving me.
And though he tried to make me forget with his pain,
I know that version of him still exists.
Please, dear little heart of mine,
make sure he knows I remember.
That I will always remember.

I will always be connected with that piece of my heart,
So I will always be connected to him.
I've run through it all...
fear of losing him, anger at losing him,
agony of losing him, and grim acceptance that he's lost.
I have nothing left in me of all that pain.
All I have left now is happy memories
and a deep, deep Hope
that someday, somehow
I will see my friend again
in a way that we can feel each other's enduring Love,
despite it all,
and maybe because of it.

Wherever you are, here are my wishes, my blessing for you.
Be well.
Be safe.
Be happy.
Be Loved.
You will always be Loved by me.

~~Spring Lea Ellorien Henry

Trying to let you know that I Love you so

Blue Little Rose
By Anything Box

Blue little rose,
you are crying.
I am trying
to let you know that I Love you so.

Sweet little rose,
let your petals sway
on your lonely days
in the wind of my heart.

I can help you see
what it's like to be
taken from the garden
where you grew up with me.

I can set you free
if you just run to me.
All the thorns will go away
if you stay with me,

Little rose...