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My Aura
This picture was taken on 9.23.00 at the Star Trek convention in Denver.
The photo was produced using bioelectric sensors and a computer which
translated the signals to an optical display.  Most of the examples of aura
pictures I saw that day had people with one predominant color which swirled
lighter and darker.  The lady running the booth said so many colors was
unusual for a person and that the pressence of white in my aura was a very
rare occurance.  She also said that the globe of light below my face
(the throat/heart chakra) was a lot stronger than most she had seen.

I give the meanings of the colors below the picture.
Throughout my life, I have battled with self-esteem over my physical
self.  I'm glad now that I have a picture which shows what kind of person
I am on the inside.  This photo has already helped me to make quite a bit
of peace with myself.  I hope that you will come to know me as the person you
see here, a colorful person with many dimensions.

The Meaning of My Aura
According to the literature given to me with the photo:

The colors along the left side of the photo are
the energies I am drawing close to me.
Green symbolizes growth, nuturing, and healing.
Indigo symbolizes kindness and integrity.

The colors at the top represent what I experience.
The yellows and golds all symbolize wisdom and intellect,
as well as a sunny outlook on life.
The pink is a soft female tone which indicates sensitivity.
The white represents spirituality and oneness.

The colors down the left side of the photo
represent what I express to other people.
Red symbolizes action, while orange-red
indicates desire and idealism.

The bottom globe of light represents my heart and soul.
The central globe of blue represents introversion,
truth, devotion, wisdom, and inner peace.
The surrounding halo of violet indicates a spirit
that is intuitive, artisitc, creative, faithful, imaginative,
and mysterious.

In my heart, I feel these interpretations to be true.
This is me.

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