Strong Currents
The Wellspring of Knowledge
Deep Oceans
Flowing Heart
Seas on the Moon
Denizens of the Deep
The Rain That Falls Splash in Your Heart

The Wellspring of Knowledge
"My head won't leave my head alone..."
~~Dave Matthews Band

Collection Development Projects
(With a special emphasis on science fiction/fantasy)

Class # Class Title Project Title
801 Foundations of Information Transfer Team posting--Book reviews with Martha Durgy
804 Organization of Information Bibliographic prospectus
813 Basic Print and Electronic Resources Science fiction and fantasy resources
823 International Information Transfer Copyright resources annotated bibliography
832 Information Transfer Among Young Adults Young adult program "Capture a Universe, Conquer a World!"
861 Collection Development Comparison/contrast of two collection development policies
861 Collection Development Five article reviews:  weeding, intellectual freedom, budget, electronic resources, and community analysis
861 Collection Development Related work--Collection development policy for Southern Peaks Public Library
865 Independent Study  "Stranger in a Strange Land: Take your patrons on a tour of science fiction and fantasy literature--even if you don't read it yourself!"