Historical Fantasy

Downloadable Brochure:
Click here for brochure in .pdf format.  Email me if you need me to send you a hard copy.

Major Themes:
  • Large portion of the story takes place in the past of Earth, although the protagonist is usually a modern-day person who has traveled through time.
  • Although the plot does not have to be 100% factual, our history and that of the novel should not be as divergent as in an alternate history science fiction novel.
  • Light magic may be present, but is used more as a mystical tool or as a means for time travel.
  • Major events and people are often but not always the focus of the story.

Major Contributing Authors:
  • Diane Gabaldon: Her books combine the best of fantasy, time travel, history, and romance for a saga that will sweep the reader away to another world.
  • W. Michael Gear:: His books of early American life are breathtaking in their splendor and realism.
  • Piers Anthony: His Geoddyssey cycle tells the story of man’s history through the same characters re-incarnated.
  • Orson Scott Card: The Alvin Maker books show a more mystical early America than the history books.

Great books you can buy from 
  • Isle of Women by Piers Anthony.  This well-researched book stands well on its own or as the first in his series.
  • coverSeventh Son ((Alvin Maker Ser.; No. 1)) by Orson Scott Card.  Card’s portrayal of a gentle boy learning magic and manhood is not to be missed.
  • coverThe Clan of the Cave Bear  by Jean M. Auel.  This series continues to be immensely popular for its well envisioned setting and characters.
  • coverShe Who Remembers by Linda Lay Shuler.  This novel of early America incorporates some magic in the history.