Strong Currents
The Wellspring of Knowledge
Deep Oceans
Flowing Heart
Seas on the Moon
Denizens of the Deep
The Rain That Falls Splash in Your Heart

Strong Currents
"Diggin' a ditch where madness gives a bit..."
~~Dave Matthews Band

My official résumé.

Creative Writing Classes
Mythic Writing, Character Creation, Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Coming soon! See my latest works at my first holiday fair, Friday November 3, 8:00am-3:00pm, at 201 E. Colfax in Denver (Colorado Department of Education building just across the street from the State Capitol).

Professional Work
A portfolio of resources I created relating to library and information science.

Conference Schedule
The full story on my professional activities in the coming months.

Library resources
Some selected URL's of library resources I find particularly useful.